Marcie Polier Swartz

Marcie Polier was founder and CEO of Entertainment Data, Inc. the company that pioneered data analytics for Hollywood on a 24/7 real time basis.  Her company enabled Hollywood to modernize management, decision  making , cash flow prediction and to create the headlines that impact Hollywood marketing.   She founded the company in 1976 at the age of 23 and opened 7 international offices before selling her natural monopoly to ACNielsen in 1997. The company operates  today under the ownership of ComScore.  

After the sale she concentrated on philanthropy.  She served on the Center for Middle East Public Policy Board at Rand Corporation before during and after “9/11”.  She participated in and chaired the Jewish Moslem Dialogue Group in Los  Angeles. She was a member of the first group of women to be honored for Los Angeles’ first International Women’s Day celebration on May 8, 1997.   She has supported many causes including the arts, the environment, medical research, education, mentoring women  as agents of change in the Middle East and most recently supporting the effort to launch the IDC’s worldwide initiative to create a worldwide standard definition for the term “terrorism”.   

Marcie is most proud of her success in mentoring a US Navy Veteran with severe mental illness who is living an independent and fulfilling life.  In 2016 she launched Village for Vets as a vehicle for Los Angeles County residents to support L.A.’s most vulnerable Veterans.  Her hobbies include painting, hiking, and her recipe blog at  She has two married children, two step children and grandchildren  on the way.