Warren N. Lieberfarb

Warren Lieberfarb is Chairman and CEO of Lieberfarb & Associates LLC, a consulting and investment firm specializing  in entertainment, media, technology, and content distribution. Lieberfarb was also founder and managing partner of Gristmill Ventures Inc., a technology company that developed digital media content protection technology. From 1982 to 2002, Lieberfarb served  as President of Warner Home Video, guiding the company through global rollout, unparalleled growth, and unique rights acquisition strategy. Lieberfarb’s most significant achievement is his universally acknowledged role as the architect of the DVD, for which  he holds more than eleven patents and has received an Emmy Award in 1999; the first-ever Wharton/Infosys Technology Change Leader award in 2002; and, in 2003, the Legion of Arts and Letters—the Cannes Film Festival Medal du Festival. Lieberfarb is a member of the Consumer Electronics Industry Association’s Hall of Fame and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. For many years, Lieberfarb chaired the Entrepreneurial Committee of the American Film Institute’s  Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, in addition to serving on the boards of Hughes Telematics Inc., Sirius Satellite Radio (now XM Satellite Radio), and the Board of Trustees of the Telluride Film Festival. Lieberfarb received a BS in Economics from  the Wharton School in 1965 and an MBA from the University of Michigan in 1966. Lieberfarb has served on the University of Pennsylvania’s Board of Trustees, its Library Board of Overseers, and the Undergraduate Advisory Board of the Wharton School.