Ongoing Events

Daily Meals for Homeless and Safe Parking LA Donate Here

NOTE: Homeless Veterans not enrolled in VA programs are NOT eligible for VAGLAHCS food service.  The community must step in. 

These are ongoing events.  Village for Vets, Meals on Wheels and the Westside Food Bank collaborate to supply sandwiches, protein bars, fruit and water to the Homeless Vets who visit the HUDVASH Office daily. This costs $2.00 per meal per day or $500.00 per week.

New Directions just joined our Daily Meals Program by contributing 25 peanut butter sandwiches
with fruit and water in a brown bag…to the Welcome Center several days per week.

Brentwood School will be joining the Daily Meals Program.
Students will be making sandwiches on Friday that will feed
Homeless Veterans on Saturday and Sunday.

In April 2018, Safe Parking LA created a program that allows homeless Veterans
to park their car on the VAGLAHS campus overnight.
Village for Vets and Meals on Wheels of West L.A. provide a meal for these Vets.