Covid 19 Response and Requests

Village for Vets, a 501c3 formed in 2016, provides key services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Veterans through financial and volunteer support from the community. During this time of great uncertainty, we are needed more than ever. VA is taking extraordinary steps to protect the homeless Veteran population during this crisis. They have reached out to us to help them keep as many Veterans as safe as possible.


We are Tiny but Mighty.

We need your help now to fulfill these urgent requests.

Please join us in supporting those who served by supporting one of the following programs.     Our most immediate needs:


 ~Meals for Homeless Veterans Safe Camp tent area: On April 6, the VA began moving street dwelling Veterans to safe shelter at the VA Campus with their tents and belongings. The VA can house but not provide meals for these unregistered Veterans. Help us provide meals to 50 vulnerable and at-risk Veterans. Cost is $3,070/week or $12,280/month. Up to 50 5-gallon bottles of water will be needed each week, please donate to help cover costs.


~Community Partnership to End Veteran Hunger: In addition to the Safe Camp area, Village for Vets, in partnership with Meals on Wheels, delivers lunch bags daily to the Welcome Center, the HUD VASH office and the HPACT clinic at the VA to ensure that homeless Veterans have a meal to eat when they come to take refuge at the VA. Our costs for this program have increased as a result of the pandemic. Support our program which provides 65 lunches/Monday-Friday. Cost is $446/week or $1,787/month. The need is ongoing – any amount is appreciated.


~Move in Kits: Step Up on 2nd is opening 205 new units of permanent supportive housing for homeless veterans in 2020. These veterans, coming out of chronic homelessness, lack basic essentials like sheets, towels, dishes and cleaning products. Each ‘kit’ costs $330. Help us raise funds to provide Move-In Kits for each of these units. We have already funded kits for 35 units. Veterans need 170 more totaling $56,100. $5000 will pay for ‘kits’ for 15 veterans. 


~The Veterans Emergency Fund provides temporary financial assistance (grants of $1000 or less) to formerly homeless veterans who are experiencing emergency financial hardship including food insecurity. The Covid-19 pandemic is disproportionately affecting these veterans who are living on the edge. Our cases have tripled. Help us provide desperately needed emergency funding during this crisis. $25,000 will help prevent Veterans from backsliding into homelessness by assuring that we can continue to meet the increasing demand.


~Sleeping Bag Coats: More homeless people die in Los Angeles from exposure than in cities like New York which has more shelters. VA outreach social workers have requested as many sleeping bag coats as we can order. Help us raise funds to purchase 250 coats for unsheltered, chronically homeless veterans who are in need of warmth during this pandemic. Each sleeping bag coat costs $140. The total cost for 250 sleeping bag coats - $35,000.